Generative Art is created by humans working in creative collaboration with non-human, autonomous, rule-based systems.  

The artists at Generative Art Project use data, math, code, and software in their work. We exhibit videos and prints in both unique pieces and editions by emerging and mid-career artists.

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The generative art we show and sell is digital. To verify and protect the owner we provide Certificates of Authenticity. We load the videos on premium thumb drives that are packaged in custom hand-crafted containers.  The videos can be viewed on TVs, projected on to walls, or displayed on LED screens, computers, and phones. When upload to the cloud, the digital file becomes sustainable and available for downloads on future hardware.

Most of our videos are priced at $1 a second, plus $15 for materials.  A 60 second video, for example, would be valued at $75. If you purchase a video via our website there is an additional charge of $10 for shipping and handling. We guarantee the drives.

You view the video by plugging the thumb drive into the USB port on the back of your TV, your Apple TV or Roku box, or your computer.  You can also Chromecast or Airdrop from your computer to your TV. Once you’ve plugged the drive in, the drive icon will appear in the source line up, choose the icon and your TV is transformed into a moving work of art.  When you press the pause button on your TV remote the video becomes a single frame, one of thousands. Generative videos offer a new way to curate and live with art.


                                    examples of art played on TVs

Generative Art Project

1621 East 6th Street, Suite 1107, Austin, TX 78702

enter on 6th, 1/2 blk east of Comal

+1 917.523.1512 

Hours:  Thurs – Sat 12 – 7, Sun 1 – 4

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Generative Art Project

1621 East 6th Street, #1107, Austin TX 78702

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