Generative Art: AI + Origami

Merging Analog & Technology Oct 18-19-20

Origami is the ancient practice of folding paper into 3-D shapes. The objects on display feature paper printed with generative images – stills taken from the artist’s original generative videos. 

The digital aesthetic they create is often drawn with/from real data, math, code, digitized pictures, sound, etc. The sense of “realism” imparted by these elements alters our experience. Instead of seeing nothing, we search the abstraction for meaning.


Exhibition/ Gallery Hrs:

Oct 18/19/20 = Fri/Sat 12-6 Sun 12-4

1621 East 6 Street #1107 enter from 6 St.

Parking available





3D Human Thought

3D Human Thought

DNA Flower

DNA Flower

When Stars Collide: new work by James Pricer

The opening salon 2-7pm Sunday October 6, 2019

Exhibition dates: Oct 6 – Oct 27

20 million years ago two supernovae collided causing ripples in space-time.

20 million years later, generative artist James Pricer created cataclysmic portraits of this event using the actual gravitational wave data. These are the waves that proved Einstein was right after all.

The exhibition features a box set of eight gravitational wave prints, a collision video, two unique explosion prints, and several generative objects. The artist will be at the opening.

Emerging art movements are rare. Art fans lucky enough to witness their development are given direct access to groundbreaking work and influential creators. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the dynamic experience this imagery evokes.

 Location:  1621 East 6th Street, Suite 1107, Austin, TX 78702

enter on 6th, 1/2 blk east of Comal


Phone:       +1 917.523.1512

Hours:  Fri & Sat: noon-6, Sun: noon-4

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