Dimension N  / Alba G Corral [ES] & Makaruk [PL] / Centre des Arts Enghien les Bains, France (2016)

Thoughts in Action

Alba Corral

November 30 – December 30, 2018


Generative Art Project is proud to present two new videos, a video slideshow, and five related prints by Alba Corral of Barcelona, Spain.

Corral’s sensual lines dance across the screen generating her abstract visions with such eases one imagines each move has been meticulously choreographed. Yet many of her videos, such as Hoth, are spontaneously created while the artist is performing live on stage responding to musicians. This visual control is a testament to her creative talent, coding skills, and technical knowledge of the rapidly evolving generative art movement.

Her videos literally mesmerize viewers as a few simple lines multiplying into intricate forms that entwine to create still larger structures. You will find yourself trying to anticipate her next move as the artist builds the pictorial entities while also keeping track of the rhythmic drama and narrative pace of her gestures. The colors bleed, while patterns multiply and lines twist and fold like living organisms, stretching out their growing limbs to form visual so rich with meaning a cascade of associations come to mind.

Corral’s videos and prints highlight the vastness of the decision-making process that goes into the construction of art that is generated by code. The notion that digital imagery is easy to make or merely a gimmick driven by software is wrong. The truth is generative artists, like those working in other media, must invent everything you see. The difference is their marks move through time, which adds to the complexity of their process. Corral’s style elegantly demonstrates her creativity in action.

The scope and power of the human mind is a masterpiece of nature and Corral’s focused studies of line, form, color, shading, pacing, and pattern are treasured examples of our ability to apply imagination to the task of inspiration. To watch a generative video by a master like Alba Corral is to have a front-row seat on human thought as it describes and transcends reality and guides us to a new understanding of the human potential that is unleashed through our collaboration with technology.






Hoth, is an ambient video loop (4:31) From her line, color, pacing, and subtle use of symbolism Corral is able to evoke a sense of nature’s grandeur and to convey the feeling of its immense power. Using the hypnotic device of symmetry she pulls you into the eye of her storming swirls and baroque illusions. You don’t know where to focus your attention there’s so much to absorb as her daring shapes seductively turn and unfold before you effortlessly transforming themselves until the image fades and your primitive sensibilities emerge dazzled and disoriented.





There Is Still

There Is Still is an ambient video loop (4:37) Two symmetrical line drawings unravel into a vague image that weaves itself into an asymmetrically knotted nest. Then flashes of light erupt and from their void, an undulating veil of lines pour out and drift seductively away before the scene returns to the dark beginning. The somber, earthy colors and sensual action has a brooding, coiling quality that intrigues with its sense of danger and its wispy teasing beauty.






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