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Eduardo Medina Salazar works as ESSTRO9 [E9]; a project originated and based in México City. 

From 2008 to date is dedicated to the creation of installations, videoArt and audiovisual performances that are characterized by the process of sound and image in real time. 


This project is based on an interest to investigate and explore, with the use of digital tools and programming [VideoMapping, Generative Art, Animation] new understandings around the construction of the image – landscape – object in the digital space, as well as the possible interactions between sound and vision in the performing arts and audiovisual performances. 


As Individual or in collaboration with international artists, E9 has participated  in different platforms, exhibitions and festivals within Mexico, Europe, Middle East and South America; in the creation of visual sets, workshops and courses, videoArt , audiovisual concerts or in the multimedia design area  for theater and performing arts as in the case of  the International Festival of Liberal Theater (Amman, Jordan) /  Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theater / PLATOON (Global Creative, Aliance) / ENSAMBLE MX / DETROIT UNDERGROUND (music Label) / SONORUM International Festival of Arts and New Technologies / IN-SONORA VII Intenational Sound Art and Interactive art Festival – Madrid / LivePerformersMeeting (Minsk, Rome, Eindhoven) as well as in the most recent editions of the MUTEK.MX International  Festival for Digital Creativity  and electronic music  or in the official screenings of the CUTOUT Fest International Festival MX / LINOLEUM (International Festival for  Contemporary Animation & Media Art  Ukraine)  / THE WRONG Digital Art Biennale. 



Videos are delivered via USB thumb drive with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and the gallery.  For delivery outside the U.S. please contact the Project at the email or phone below.


Prints are delivered on paper, canvas, metal, or plexiglass with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and the gallery.  For delivery outside the U.S. please contact the Project at the email or phone below. 

Please contact the Project to acquire E9’s artwork in formats and sizes different from the ones above.

email:  Julia.Morton@GenerativeArtProject.com

phone: +1 917.523.1512


Julia Morton

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