July 2018 Show

DNA Portraits:  James Pricer


This video is a self portrait of the artist. The data driving this video are the rsids, which are the unique identifiers for each row of the DNA data containing nucleotide, chromosome number, and location on chromosome.  This video is being shown in the Stedelijk Museum, Breda, The Netherlands.

DNA data portrait.

This video is a mashup of photography and data art.

The digital photo in this video is being abstracted using the photographer’s DNA data and videos created with her DNA. The DNA data replaces the photo’s colors and the X and Y axes. In other scenes DNA videos replace parts of the photograph. The audio was created using Artificial Intelligence via Amper Music.

Video and sound by James Pricer. Photography by Maryhelen Murray.

This video was created using the DNA data from a mother and her daughter. The first scene uses DNA they have in common. The second scene uses DNA of the daughter that is different from the mother. The last scene uses DNA of the mother that is different from the daughter. The visuals are by James Pricer, the introduction audio is by Felix Blume, and the music is by Richard Crandell.


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