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Looking Inward – Gazing Outward:

James Pricer

November 2 – 28, 2018


Generative Art Project is proud to present two new videos and six related prints by James Pricer. From data scientist to data artist, his animated abstractions of human and astronomical data allow us to travel from a single cell to the edge of the universe searching for the inclusive patterns that map out our existence. The work comes to life so to speak because the generative artist works with visuals, time, narrative, audio, rhythm, and light…while a fixed image, by comparison, is static, it’s observed.

“James’ artistry is truly digital, beginning with the art of interpreting data and culminating in the art of generating not only an aesthetic but a digital tale in the form of what is arguably digital poetry.” – Paul Goldin – Head of AI and Blockchain at Prosper, formerly CSO / Curator at Klio Art.

Bio: Along with graduate degrees in psychology and business, generative artist James Pricer has been awarded multiple patents in pattern recognition methods and software. Having lived in San Francisco and New York City he currently lives in Austin, TX.





Is a relaxing ambient video made from a cross-section of DNA data, the artist’s included. The video is “a data painting,” it’s the artist’s interpretation of the data. The strangely familiar images slowly evolve over forty-plus minutes and then loop. To create a still image stop anywhere – there are thousands of stills available at the push of a button.



Self Portrait 11 Data Sources

From DNA to Google Calendar, these eleven datasets create this time-stamped portrait of a human as recorded by various tech devices. Measuring, tracking, reading, healing, and even hunting for us, the data peers into ourselves and then allows us to consider the nature of life itself.



New Worlds 2018 

A commissioned video, it features data from the universe collected by the first Pan-STARRS telescope (PS1), which is located at the summit of Haleakalā on Maui, Hawaii. Abstractly envisioning the universe, the videos see things from a human perspective while imagining our next home sweet home in the sky.



We are excited to add poetry from Clay Roper to the show.  Excerpt:

I wept when i saw Mercury,
striding ‘cross a blazing face of god–
a peppercorn in a furnace […]

[…] depending on your frame of reference.
mine is framed by this thin bezel
around that limned piece of glass behind
which scant few milliwatts tickle pixels […]

–from ’Transit’ by ClayRoper

click anywhere in the text see the entire poem

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