October 5-28, 2018 Show



Our first denial.of.service solo exhibition will feature six generative videos and twenty-one digital prints.


The sophisticated use of technology, loaded imagery, layered inquiry, and rhythmic compositions are a hallmark of the d.o.s style. Using math, myth, code, software, human psychology, and alien aesthetics the videos slice through cultural barriers and trigger the amygdala releasing a cascade of memories and emotions.


Though the delivery is direct, nothing about the work is obvious or easy. It takes weeks, sometimes months, to construct the musical, scientific, political, and cultural references that drive the overarching concepts. The abstract works defy simple explanation and must be experienced over time to fully appreciate.



Contour & Shape opens with kinetic creation multiplying explosively. Then a rough man of muddy substance appears, resembling a classic Greek statue. Moving in sync to an insistent beat we witness the flailing mud man struggle to hold his own against a torrent of invasive techno-symbolism.


Onryõ means vengeful spirit. Using imagery at once ancient and futuristic, the video conveys our instinctual sense of justice by expressing the fears/hopes that the injustices done to the innocent will return to haunt and destroy the perpetrators.



Kero/Gotshell | Perindsor is a study in rhythmic abstraction. The video’s stimulating, kinetic elegance exemplifies the strange beauty being discovered and harnessed by innovative generative masters like denial.of.service.

Rawtekk – Here’s to Them is a dystopian narrative layered with reaction-diffusion formulas that accentuate the turbulent passions of attraction, the thrill of pursuit, and the mingled emotions of conquest and commitment. Here’s to them who survive.




Red.Cross Red.Crescent is an unflinching anti-war piece that begins with lusty vengeance and a theatrical display of destruction that quickly turns on itself hammering home humanities deluded sense of righteousness and our collective failure to rein in conformist, predatorily behavior.


Unknown.Archetype – Tripp, with its edgy sensuality, cellular geometry, seductive vocals, and heart-pounding beat, the images veer from dreamy arousal to a calculated surface of connected interplay offering viewers a startling, yet enlightened study of animal desire.