Josh Winters

About the Artist

My mission is to create visualizations of data­ driven and stochastic models demonstrating how our society functions at its core. I want to show the whole system for those who only ever see a part of it.

I believe the social strife America is experiencing now stems from a lack of knowledge across varying communities of the challenges encountered by dissimilar communities in other parts of the country. I hope my work will evoke empathy with those who live in different places or who have different problems, while also connecting communities with common solutions. I do my best to display only truth, or as close to truth as can be reached using data, rigorous study, and simulation. Much of the effort behind my work is in designing elegant visual proofs describing the behaviors and interactions of social groups.

I find maps a natural medium for exploring these problems. They are accessible and easy to grasp at first glance, while also containing deep narratives distributed across a representation of real space. Ask any cartographer why they make maps, and they will say, “to tell stories.” I design my maps as abstract landscapes from an aerial perspective.

More broadly, I am interested in complex, spatially­ distributed systems, cellular automata and agent­ based models, cognition, economics, and governance. The common core to all of my interests lies in network science. I want my work to help those unfamiliar with networks develop an intuition and imagination around them.


Work and Education



Director of Product & Data Science, Lead Data Engineer
Austin, TX

Silicon Labs

Software Engineer

University of Michigan

Research Assistant


University of Michigan
BS Eng.
Major in Computer Science
Minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2008­2012




Prints are delivered on paper, canvas, metal, or plexiglass with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and the gallery.  For delivery outside the U.S. please contact the Project at the email or phone below. 

Please contact the Project to acquire Josh’s artwork in formats and sizes different from the ones above.


phone: +1 917.523.1512


Julia Morton

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