Self Portrait 11 Data Sources (video)

DNA, MRI, microbiome, GSR, tracking, and others.

The image to the left is a single frame from the video.  (click here to see video)



This video was created by the artist using his own data including: blood tests, fitbit sleeping monitor, fitbit walking monitor, microbiome, dna, mri, weblogs, google fit app, google location tracking, google calendar, and galvanic skin response.

This video uses data from multiple sources, including DNA, MRI, microbiome, GSR, tracking, etc.  Dimensions:  2560X1440 (UHD), 654 megabytes, 8 minutes 39 seconds.

Pricing is based on $1.00 per second of video, plus cost of materials.

Watermark will be removed upon purchase. 

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