Ten Things to Know About Buying Video Art

detail from generative video by Jennifer Steinkamp

1-Be ahead of the market– Over thirty years ago, the Pictures Generation made waves by incorporating photography into their practice. The notion of photographs as fine art has been a debate as long as the medium has existed, but when Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #96, 1981, sold in 2011 for $3.89 million, the most for a photograph at that time, it was clear that contemporary photography had been accepted into the fold of high art. Many video works are sold for just several thousand dollars; think of what the future could bring! (more)


Jennifer Steinkamp reveals what it’s like to be a new media pioneer

by Rachel Wolff

Retinal by Jennifer Steinkamp

Comprised of whirling virtual trees, swaying lariat-like strands of flowers, and kaleidoscopic streaks of pure saturation, Jennifer Steinkamp’s digitally animated video installations are tech-enabled dreamscapes. Her works entrance, enchant, and utterly transform gallery walls, architectural relics, and unexpected doorways; they’ve lined the catwalk of haute couture fashion shows, and they’ve made Steinkamp herself nearly synonymous with the term “new media art.” (more) 

NYTimes, Sept 2018

Playing Games Can Be Hard Work. So Can Choosing Which Ones to Display

Marie Foulston photo by Tom Jamieson

By Alex Marshall

LONDON — Last week, Marie Foulston stood in the Victoria and Albert Museum trying to explain what was so groundbreaking about a host of recent video games. <more>

TheKnockTurnal, Oct 2, 2018

“Programmed: Rules, Code, And Choreography In Art 1965-2018,” opens at the Whitney

We’ve all heard that successful artists “break the rules” of art. Ironically, some artists have “broken the rules” of the art world by embracing rules and programs traditionally associated with the tech world, responding to its increasing importance in our lives. (more)



Generative Art by Beckett Mufson – April 2017

With a killer soundtrack, teamLab’s new installation feels like riding a roller coaster at the center of the galaxy. “Breathtaking” is an adjective most often cheaply used to describe artwork with pleasant colors or large scope. (more)

VVRRR – Manolo  2018

Over the last 50 years, our world has turned digital at breakneck speed. No art form has captured this transitional time period – our time period – better than generative art. (more) 

Denver Digerati /the 2018 animation & generative public art event

This 2018 event featured three Generative Art Project artists James Pricer, David Bennett, and Sean Capone (winner of the second prize in the Supernova competition) (more)



Guest Artist Robert Seidel on Supernova

and the Lineage of Digital Animation

Robert Seidel photo by Thadeaous Mighell

Expanded Cinema (1970) by seminal theorist Gene Youngblood




Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood (1970), the first book to consider video as an art form, was influential in establishing the field of media arts. In the book, he argues that a new, expanded cinema is required for a new consciousness. He describes various types of film-making utilizing new technology, including film special effects, computer art, video art, multi-media environments and holography.

– excerpt from Wikipedia


 Forbes article on Art and AI, Sept 24, 2018

Sculpture Center, NY

Before Projection: VideoSculpture 1974 -1995

Exhibition runs Oct 1 – Dec 17, 2018

video sculpture by Friederike Pezold

Before Projection shines a spotlight on a body of work in the history of video art that has been largely overlooked since its inception while simultaneously placing it within the history of sculpture. (more)

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