Viktor Velikanov

About the Artist

 I am all about new.  Throughout history people have searched to find something new.  I explore forms and visual language and I use mobile technologies to advance my reach.

I look at technology as a new tool. With new tools we can conceive original ideas and describe our abstract concepts through the creation of images that have never been seen before. New ways to understand the human condition, leads to new ways to improve ourselves.


I am the Co-founder and Co-creator of Designprosmotr and Designtrend.  We work to advance innovative design. Our conferences educate and inspire a wide cross section of creatives and they have become the most popular, and the largest design conferences in Russia.

Social Media sites:

@designprosmotr at instagram (channel at youtube)


I have a degree from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Unfortunately the education taught there was weak.  I can’t say that it influenced my current work because the ideas they presented were outdated.  I was looking for relevant, contemporary knowledge, an alternative to traditional education. So together with my partners we created — it’s a resource for professionals from the design industry; a place where they can network, share their experiences, and encourage innovation.


Prints are delivered on paper, canvas, metal, or plexiglass with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and the gallery.  For delivery outside the U.S. please contact the Project at the email or phone below. 

Please contact the Project to acquire Viktor’s artwork in formats and sizes different from the ones above.


phone: +1 917.523.1512


Julia Morton

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