V1 (video)


A mashup of photography and data art.  The image to the left is a single frame from the video.  (click here to see video)


This video is a mashup of photography and data art.

This video was created using the photographer’s photograph and her DNA. The DNA data replaces the photo’s colors and the X and Y axes. In other scenes DNA videos replace parts of the photograph. The audio was created using Artificial Intelligence via Amper Music.

Video and sound by James Pricer. Photography by Maryhelen Murray.

Dimensions:  2560 X 1440 (UHD), 202 megabytes, 3 minute 54 seconds.  (click image to see video)

Pricing is based on $1.00 per second of video, plus cost of materials.

Watermark will be removed upon purchase. 

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